Tax Returns

In Norway the  last chance for returning your tax declarations is on april 30.

Here someone made funny texting of Hitler not receiving a tax return realizing his summer holidays are screwed !


These are the following places we wish to visit this summer.
First we go to Paris, then we go to Madrid.

Further we fly to Italy until it’s all wrapped up here in Berlin.
Unfortunately thats all the budget covers for.

Add Portugal to the list. I’ll just use some of the tax return money.

Mein Fuhrer…

You have….

We opened up your tax return form…

This year you dont get any money back, You have to pay interest surcharge on back taxes this year…

Those that are not involved in the tax return forms
can leave the room…
the rest stays


What the fuck is this all about?
I’ve always recieved tax returns
I’ve based all of my holiday plans on the tax return money.

What the hell should i do during my summer holiday now?

Its all the old and the foreigners that will benefit from those money now that I work so hard for every day.

They can go to hell all of them.

Mein Fuhrer. You cannot talk like that about the poor foreigners!

The Hell I can!


Mein Fuhrer. Now you are just being completely unfair.

THey have recieved SO much from me!!!
Fuckings IRS (Tax Return Company)
They are Con Men all of them!

Each year they returned a lot of money, but this year all of a sudden they want more to give it to elderly and foreigners can drive around in their ugly cars?

I based holiday on these money and now it shows I wont receive anything?

How the hell am I supposed to get to Portugal Now?

I was sooooo Looking fwd for it!
i was gonna fuck so many hot chicks on this trip that even Stalin would turn green of jealousy!

Him and I have this kind of competition.. about getting laid by as many women as possible during the summer!

But now the IRS is fucking up my whole plan.


Now Ill have to work extra this summer!

Im so pissed I could have raped the prime minister.
Its just so difficult to live in Norway when they have such strict and expensive rules.
Not to forget the damn TV license price!

It even ended up with a collection agency due to late payments!
Ill remove the whole damn TV signals

Relax Anna, we can still watch NRK TV on the internet!

So this is how it ends? It is how difficult to avoid those vultures.

Thats it then! Thats the end of that summer holiday.

It’ll be a boring year then.


My biggest hope was to crush Stalin! I’m only behind with 4 women…
He managed to have a menage a trois last week…

Norway is a difficult country!


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