People of Walmart – 2

Im a huge fan of the site. They capture peope that with an odd sense of fashion

See here for People of Walmart 1

I got an idea what do do next time my pants are all worn out. I can just redo them !!!


Why do people think its ok to jam 10 pounds of meat into a 5 pound bag?When you are big, it does not make you smaller to bye clothes 3 sizes too small.


Someone forgot to get dressed and… while the above pictured woman at least had pants on…. At least this one has her shirt on …

Who goes shopping without pants or underwear?

The Backless Hoodie…

The backless hooded sweatshirt… How to tan your back while your head and front stays warm… Epic


and in the end.. Nothing like good old Monopoly

Someone sure loves Monopoly !!


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