Twilight Demotivationals

Yeah Yeah. More Twilight Humour. Just 2 days away from the movie pre-premiers in Oslo with celebrity visit Elizabeth Reaser (which I am impatiently awaiting myself as well) I had some fun finding more Twilght jokes and demotivationals.

Quite sad to still be a virgin at the age of 109 …

Wonder who he thought he’d impress …

I do agree. Stalking, controlling, manipulation and belittling in a relationship is not healthy in any kind of relationships (Thankfully thirst for blood is something most of us never will get to experience), but Edwards SPARKLES!  and who doesn’t like diamonds?  Right Bells?

Of course – there are always twinkies.

T-Rex hunting…


Poor Bells

Disturbing womens expectations to men all over the world

Playing outside in winter time

But you don’t !!! I just know it.

Well I’m far from as bad as these girls…

Again, who doesn’t like diamonds? And I’m certain all the guys complaining out there… They are just complaining because they don’t want to buy us Diamonds!

I can sense some tension here …

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