Back in the late 80’s / early 90’s Italian TV chef, Gino Valente rolled over the screens on a weekly basis, showing Norwegians how to cook pasta and make other kind of italian dishes. It was one of the first cooking shows other than the famous Norwegian TV chef Ingrid Espelid Hovig, that was the only TV chef on Norwegian television for ages.

Herodes Falsk, a Norwegian comedian, created a parody on Ginos TV program (which was sent during a program he co-hosted with Tom Mathisen) about drunken Sami Chef Ante Valente.

This is a HUGE part of Norwegian Popular Culture from the 80’s / 90’s and if you are new to Norway and you hear people saying Jatta Jatta Jatta or Neita Neita Neita and has NO idea what they are babbeling about… This is it..

PS: This film is in Norwegian, but I have translated his whole conversation beneath the youtube film clip:

Ok, before the translation here I need to explain something.
“Jatta” is not really a word. It is a slang word used for the word Ja da. Ja means YES and Da means then. “Yes Then” is the real phrase, but the meaning is Yes and that is what I’ll use.
The same counts for the word Neita, slang for Nei da (which means NO then), but due to these jokes the phrase “Jatta, Jatta, Jatta” and “Neita, Neita, Neita” can STILL be heard all over the country at parties and in social situations by fans of this humor and these jokes.

Translation Snow Scooter Sandwitch
Yes, i dag skal æ lære dokker korleis vi lage det kjente reinsdyrsmørbrødet fra karasjokk, men før vi begynner må vi slappe helt av.
Today I will teach you how we prepare the famous reindeer sandwitch from Karasjok, but before we start we need to be completely relaxed.

Men korleis slappe vi helt av? Med massasje? Neida Neida Neida
Med boblebad? Neida Neida Neida Med sprit? Jatta Jatta Jatta
But how do we relax completely? With a massage? No No No With a bubble bath? No No No With Licor? Yes Yes Yes.

Ouf så avslappa. Og så må vi lage maten. Kor e reinsdyra?
Oh so relaxed. And now we need to cook. Where are the reindeers?

E dæm i skapet? (looking around) Ikkje nokka reinsdyr her. Neida Neida Neida
Are they in the closet? Nope. No reindeers here. No No No

Da får vi heller lage snøscooter sandwich?
Well, then we will rather make a snowscooter sandwich.

Først trenger du 2 store skiver. Jatta Jatta Jatta.
First you need 2 big pieces of bread. Yes Yes Yes

Og så tar vi littegranne smør på. Jatta Jatta Jatta Litt smør. Og så Pålegg
And we spread just a wee bit of butter. Yes Yes Yes. Just a bit butter. And then some cold cuts.

Pålegg er viktig. Jatta Jatta Jatta
Cold cuts is very important. Yes Yes Yes

Men korleis tilbereder vi en snøscooter sandwitch?
But how do we make a snowscooter sandwitch?

Skal den grilles? Neida Neida Neida. Skal den Ristes? Neida Neida Neida
Is it to be BBQ’ed? No No No. Is it to be toasted? No No No

Den skal drikkes. Det skal vi se. kanskje vi har glemt littegranne…
It shall be drunken. Lets see. Maybe we have forgotten something

Pooring “drink” into glass:
Da får vi håpe at vi ikke har hatt for mye smør på.
Lets just hope we didnt spread too much butter on it.

Og så sees vi igjen neste uke. Skål
And we will meet again next week. Cheers

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