Back in the late 80’s / early 90’s Italian TV chef, Gino Valente rolled over the screens on a weekly basis, showing Norwegians how to cook pasta and make other kind of italian dishes. It was one of the first cooking shows other than the famous Norwegian TV chef Ingrid Espelid Hovig, that was the only TV chef on Norwegian television for ages.

Herodes Falsk, a Norwegian comedian, created a parody on Ginos TV program (which was sent during a program he co-hosted with Tom Mathisen) about drunken Sami Chef Ante Valente.

This is a HUGE part of Norwegian Popular Culture from the 80’s / 90’s and if you are new to Norway and you hear people saying Jatta Jatta Jatta or Neita Neita Neita and has NO idea what they are babbeling about… This is it..

PS: This film is in Norwegian, but I have translated his whole conversation beneath the youtube film clip:

Ok, before the translation here I need to explain something.
“Jatta” is not really a word. It is a slang word used for the word Ja da. Ja means YES and Da means then. “Yes Then” is the real phrase, but the meaning is Yes and that is what I’ll use.
The same counts for the word Neita, slang for Nei da (which means NO then), but due to these jokes the phrase “Jatta, Jatta, Jatta” and “Neita, Neita, Neita” can STILL be heard all over the country at parties and in social situations by fans of this humor and these jokes.

I dag skal æ lage Dom Ilder i gummistøvel – dampet i hvitvin.
Today I will make a Stupid Ferret in a latex boots – in white wine

Men korleis veit du at en ilder e dom? Kan du se det? Neida Neida Neida
But how do you know a ferret is stupid? Can you see it? No No No

Kan du spørre den? Jada Jada Jada
Can you ask it? Yes Yes Yes

Vi spør den først. Vil du dampes i hvitvin (ilder nodder på hodet) og svarer den ja da e det en dom ilder og da kan du bare drepe den.
We ask it first. Do you want to be prepared in white wine? (ferret nodding its head) and if it answers yes, then it is a stupid ferret and you can go on and kill it.

Er du død? Jatta jatta jatta
Are you dead? Yes Yes Yes

Da e det bare å ta frem gummistøvlen og så putte du ilderen nedi og så helle på hvitvin. jatta jatta jatta
And then all you have to do is to get the boot and put the ferret inside and poor white wine over it. Yes Yes Yes

Ah. og så skal den bare stå og dampe i 3 timer, men hvis ikkje du har 3 timer så kan du gjøre som onkel Aalo, du kan helle av laken. jatta jatta jatta,
And then it is supposed to be damping for 3 hours, but if you don’t have 3 hours you can do like my uncle Aalo. Just poor the wine out of the boot. Yes Yes Yes

Og så kaster du ildern og så har du et enkelt lite måltid. Skål
And then you throw out the ferret and  you have an easy meal. Cheers !

Falls over

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