–  Your doorbell is covered by cobwebs
–  Your group of friends is called Martin and lives in 4th floor.
–  You celebrate with a glass of red wine each time the phone calls.
–  You call the automatic phone bank service line for company.
–  When you invite for a party, people call to cancel due to illness – one week before the party.
–  You talk to yourself – and receives answers.
–  You invite the Pizza delivery guy to dine with you.
–  You haven’t had a girlfriend since you were in kindergarden.
–  The dog breaks up with you.
–  You protocol all visitors you receive and how long they stayed.
–  You stare out of the window for more than one hour at the time.
–  You are on a first name basis with the automatic wake up service.
–  You confide in phone salesmen.
–  You look up “social network” in the dictionary
–  Your fantasy friends turn their back on you.
–  You view the  TV-show “Friends” as an interesting documentary on an exotic culture.
–  Your parrot knows the whole lyrics of  “everyone needs a friend sometimes”.

Comments on: "You know you are lonely when …." (5)

  1. Exactly what I’m feeling at the moment. :D
    Join the club.

    • I think that is how we all feel at different times in our lives actually. I have felt like that many times, but then comes good times again and I know I can trust that I have lots of lovely friends that are there for me. I wish you better times too!

      • Yeah, I totally agree with what you’ve said. Its just feelings that come at different times. :D

      • Totally true. Sometimes its just a hunch of a feeling and sometimes it will be bad and lonely. However What is Important to remember is to turn towards the people that DO love you, its just that its difficult to see that because you focus your attention on those that don’t, and then you feel more lonely. I’m quite good at that myself. Sometimes I’m not able to see all those that love me because the one or a small group of friends don’t want to be with me. Life is just like that and then at other times I am overwhelmed by how many amazing and wonderful people I am surrounded by.
        During High-School I was saved by travelling. I got to go away as an exchange student to a very warm and including culture (something I recommend to every person I meet) and meet people that had no pre-perception of me or who I was. I learned to become who I am today there! I also learned that I am not necessarily the person that everyone thought I was back at home :D Which was the best learning of my life :D

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