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  1. Great picture! I have just written a post of bullying in the workplace…Does bullying still even exist when you’re an adult? http://wp.me/p2FXcc-46 Have a read and please voice your opinion on the topic! Thanks


    • Hi ! Unfortunately bullying does exist even when you are grown ups, however I am so lucky to work in a workplace where everyone are very aware of taking care of eachother and being kind with eachother. I think bullying exists pretty much everywhere, some may claim its teasing, some may go to say its sexual harassment, but I think unless managers and owners and leaders are quite aware of teaching the employees and eachother a common set of a code of conduct showing behavior that is not accepted in the company to teach people to treat eachother with respect – it will be difficult to vanish bullying completely.

      Its always easier to raise your opinion on serious matters using humor, because it reaches out to more people that way.

      Bullying is a serious subject which everyone should care about. Take care of your friends and your next and be a friend to someone – it can change their life forever http://inthedeepofthenight.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/just-be-a-friend-to-someone/

      Wish you all good !!

      • Yes that is very true, I do believe humour adds a spin to alert people. I don’t believe it will ever vanish, but I do think victims need to speak out. The peception of abuse is losing fuel and becoming so trivial these days. I was shocked when I saw the stats about 40-50% of adults experiencing bullying. The older you get, the more pressure, especially if you are constantly being belittled by a manager and you need that job to suport yourself and your family. It does become a difficult situation, so it is important to talk about it before it changes someones life, and rightly as you posted ‘be a friend to someone – it can change their life forever’


      • Very true that !

  2. Greatly expressed :) Love the pic.

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