Questions from Kids

- Dad, why did you marry mom ?
- So you cant understand that either son?

- Aunt Teresa, why do you put makeup on yourself ? -
- To look prettier
- Does it take long before it works ? –

- Thank you uncle, for the gift
- Just a pleasure Peter, but you dont have to thank me
- Thants what I told mom too, but she said I had to do it anyways.

- Aunt Teresa, Where do you come from ? -
- The beauty parlor
- Was it closed ? -

- Dad, what is a monologo -
- What I have with your mother every night
- Grandma, Close your eyes
- And why do you want me to close my eyes? 
- Because daddy said that when you close your eyes, we will become millionaires.

-  Mom, have you asked Dad if he can buy me a bike ?
-  Yes, Several times, but it doesn't help. He doesnt want to. 
-  Did you try with nervous breakdowns like with the fur coat? 

- Manuel, Do you know the difference between toilet paper and curtains ?
- No, mom.
- So it was you, right?

- Mom, I want to become a nun
- Peter, I have told you 1000 times that that is not possible 

- Dad, what is telepathy ?
- Its when two people think the same thing at the same time.
- Like you and mom?
- No son, that was just a casualty

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