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You know you are having a bad day when…

– The bird singing outside of your window is a Vulture.
– You have a mini-heart attack when your alarm goes off in the morning.
– Your Twin Brother forgets your birthday.
– Your doctor says: I have one bad news for you, and one that is really bad.
– The emergency hot line puts you on hold.
– You are the main news, but you are only mentioned as “The Suspect”.
– You wake up involuntarily in a different state.
– The doctor tells you that you are allergic towards food.
– You have to ask for a loan to pay off debts.
– The Psychic offers to give you your money back after having looked into your future.
– A TV-team fra “Fox Crime” waits for you in the office when you arrive work.
– The first page in the newspapers say: EVACUATE NOW!
– Just when you walk under a ladder, you trip over a black cat just to break a mirror.
– Your hairdresser says:  “Ooops! You did have two ears when you came, right?”

Approaching the Apocalypse…


Well, here is the Weather Forecast for today:


Good news:


The End is Near…


The world ends on Oprah’s last day


And now over to the Maya Calendar…

Maya, Aztec, Oreo & Maria Calendar


That will freak somebody out!


Ran out of Space


Tequila is ready


What happens after 2012


Dilbert Calendar


Now it looks like a calendar again


And here you have the real reason why the Maya Calendar ends in 2012


Who would have predicted that


By the way… Here is a detailed plan of what will happen tomorrow…

time schedule