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Bonus for Veterans…

The US army have too many soldiers, and so the army offers some of the veterans a special bonus to retire.

They are war heroes so they are being asked to pick any two points on their body to be measured in a straight line and they will be paid 200 $/1 cm…

The first soldier asks to be measured from the top of his head to his toes : 1.80m, he gets 36 000$!!

The second one raises his arms and asks to be measured from his fingers to his toes : 46 000$.

The third soldier, an old vet says he wants to be measured from his penis to his testicles …
The guys around him all say : come on!! Think twice, you can get better measurements and better money!!  “No”, he says, “I want to get measured by a military doctor”..

The veteran meets with the Doctor privately. The veteran pull his pants down and the doctor starts to measure his penis and suddenly stops! -“But where are your Testicles??”

And the veteran replies : “In Vietnam”….