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More Twilight Jokes

Jacob just glared at the kids dressed as vampires, he knew it was wrong but he still lied and said there was no candy left!

One of the few thing Alice can’t see is Chuck Norris about to roundhouse kick her.

The Volturi went into hiding when they heard Chuck Norris DOES exist.

Dear Diary,
Today i made Carlisle feel like he was in love with Edward… AGAIN!!

How many Twilighters does it take to screw on a light bulb?
I don’t know, they’re all too busy fighting over who gets to be Mrs Cullen

Jacob got ran over by a reindeer walking home from Bella’s on Christmas eve.
You can say there’s no such thing as Santa, but Edward and me belive.

Dear Diary,
Bella raped me today on esme isle. im scared!
Later Edward