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TV Chef Ante Valente prepares sour milk a la Mexico

Back in the late 80’s  / early 90’s Italian TV chef, Gino Valente rolled over the screens on a weekly basis, showing Norwegians how to cook pasta and make other kind of italian dishes. It was one of the first cooking shows other than the famous Norwegian TV chef Ingrid Espelid Hovig, that was the only TV chef on Norwegian television for ages.

Herodes Falsk, a Norwegian comedian, created a parody on Ginos TV program (which was sent during a program he co-hosted with Tom Mathisen) about drunken Sami Chef Ante Valente.

This is a HUGE part of Norwegian Popular Culture from the 80’s / 90’s and if you are new to Norway and you hear people saying Jatta Jatta Jatta or Neita Neita Neita and has NO idea what they are babbeling about… This is it..

PS: This film is in Norwegian, but I have translated his whole conversation beneath the youtube film clip:

Ok, before the translation here I need to explain something.
“Jatta” is not really a word. It is a slang word used for the word Ja da. Ja means YES and Da means then. “Yes Then” is the real phrase, but the meaning is Yes and that is what I’ll use.
The same counts for the word Neita, slang for Nei da (which means NO then), but due to these jokes the phrase “Jatta, Jatta, Jatta” and “Neita, Neita, Neita” can STILL be heard  all over the country at parties and in social situations by fans of this humor and these jokes.

Translation of Milk a la Mexico:

Har du noen gang vært i Koma? Jatta Jatta Jatta
Have you ever been comatized? Yes Yes Yes

Og så har du våknet etter 14-15 dager?
And then woken up again after 14-15 days?

Og alt du har i huset er 1 liter med surna melk, litt sprit og en sitron.
And all you have in the house is 1 litre of soured milk, some liqor and a lemon.

Kan du da lage dæ et herlig måltid? Jatta Jatta Jatta
Can you still make a delicious meal out of that? Yes Yes Yes

Du kan lage melk a la Mexico.
You can make Milk a la Mexico

Først så tar du den surna melken og heller oppi en bolle. Jatta Jatta Jatta
First you take the sour milk and pours it into a bowl. Yes Yes Yes.

Kor e maten? Inni e kjøleskapet? Neita Neita Neita
Where is the food? Inside the fridge? No No No

Den er under kjøleskapet? Vi tar feiebrett og så finner vi noen småsaker.
It is under the fridge. We will take a duster and find some small stuff.

Og ser om vi er litt heldig i dag. Jatta Jatta Jatta
Let’s see if we are lucky today. Yes Yes Yes

Se her. litt grønnsaker. Jatta Jatta Jatta
Look here. Some vegetables. Yes Yes Yes

En død mus. Jatta Jatta Jatta
A dead mous. Yes Yes Yes

Og et lite knekkebrød vi kan strø over. Jatta Jatta Jatta
And a small piece of crackers that we can spread over it. Yes Yes Yes

Og så tar vi å rører alt sammen litt rundt. Jatta Jatta Jatta
And then we stir it all together. Yes Yes Yes

Smaker det godt? Neita Neita Neita
Does it taste good? No No No

Og det er da du må gjøre som i Mexico….
And this is when you’ll have to do like in Mexico…

Eats, swallows, drinks, lemon and Shakes head around…
Almost faints..