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Christmas around the world





Imaginary Friends…



It has to look like an Accident


You know you are lonely when ….

–  Your doorbell is covered by cobwebs
–  Your group of friends is called Martin and lives in 4th floor.
–  You celebrate with a glass of red wine each time the phone calls.
–  You call the automatic phone bank service line for company.
–  When you invite for a party, people call to cancel due to illness – one week before the party.
–  You talk to yourself – and receives answers.
–  You invite the Pizza delivery guy to dine with you.
–  You haven’t had a girlfriend since you were in kindergarden.
–  The dog breaks up with you.
–  You protocol all visitors you receive and how long they stayed.
–  You stare out of the window for more than one hour at the time.
–  You are on a first name basis with the automatic wake up service.
–  You confide in phone salesmen.
–  You look up “social network” in the dictionary
–  Your fantasy friends turn their back on you.
–  You view the  TV-show “Friends” as an interesting documentary on an exotic culture.
–  Your parrot knows the whole lyrics of  “everyone needs a friend sometimes”.