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The Future



A young boy says to his father:

– “Daddy, I am writing a paper for school. Can I ask you about something?”

– “Sure kid, give it a go!”

– “What is politics, dad?”

– “Well… Within politics there are 5 aspects: 1) The population, 2) The Government, 3) The Economical Power, 4) The working class and 5) The future of the Country.”

– “I don’t get that, dad. Can you explain that to me?”

– “Sure, I will use our home as an example. I earn the money to the common household; hence I am the Economical power. Your mother administrates and uses that money; Hence she is the government. We take care of your needs; You are The population. Your little brother is the future of the country, and his nanny is the working class.
Do you understand it now?”

– “More or less”

During that night the boy woke up by his little brothers cries. The boy got up to see what was wrong to discover his little brother in need of a diaper change. He entered his parents bedroom, where his mom was in deep sleep.

Then he went to the nanny’s room. Peeking through the keyhole he saw that his father lay atop the nanny. As they didn’t react when he knocked on the door, he went back to his room and back to bed to continue his sleep.

The next morning the boy said to his father:

– “Now I think I understand what politics is all about”.

– “Awesome my boy! Now try to explain to me in your own words”

– “I think it is more or less like this: While the Economical power fucks the working class, the Government sleeps through it. The populations is ignored completely and the future of the country is standing with shit up to his ears.”