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Creative Cooking !

No one can ever claim that the people who thought out these ideas are not creative. I am quite impressed by their creativeness !

Although I do doubt I would be very happy to come home to find my husband cooking bacon with the hair straightener…


or if he was cooking sausage with the iron.


However the lawn Mower… I am very impressed


Seems the world didn’t end…

We are still alive…

morning after


Interesting Repairs ….

I found this website through and I just was a bit overwhelmed about some of the solutions used to repair vehicles shown at the site.

However, some solutions shows a huge amount of creativity…

He sure deserves for creativity this man that made a vehicle out of his lawn mower

Wonder what we should call this ? Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? A cotocycle? A Carcycle?Epic !

If your car misses its window or parts of the roof … Fix it with a Tin Roof.

Why not use a chainsaw to cut your fruit?

And for the worn out bras… Just pot flowers in them !!