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Johnny Castaway

Back in 1993 a screensaver was created called Johnny Castaway. I used to have this screensaver for a few years and just the other day I was talking about it with a few colleagues whom also remembered this screensaver from the “old” days.

The screensaver was about Johnny Castaway who was stranded on a marooned island where he spent his time waiting to be rescued or trying to escape.

However during the time he is at the island he spends his time with several activities like;

  • Fishing
  • Lighting a fire and cooking food
  • Eating coconuts
  • Diving, swimming and washing
  • Jogging
  • Building a sand castle
  • Looking through his telescope
  • Building a raft
  • Reading a book
  • Sleeping
  • Throwing a bottle into the sea with an SOS message in it
  • Meeting a Mermaid

Check here for videos uploaded of Johnnys life on the island.

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