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R.I.P Jobs

I sent my CV to apple this morning and just got the reply: ‘no jobs here’…

“Finally laid to rest in a sleek white casket, the late Steve Jobs is surrounded by mourners in a massive cathedral. As the afternoon sunlight shines down on him through intricate stained glass revealing a beautiful spectrum of colours, Mr. Jobs will be remembered in death as he was in life.
Overshadowed by windows.”

Steve Jobs was so disappointed in the iPhone 4S that it killed him.

They say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes, too bad Apple doesn’t support Flash…

The economy is getting worse. We keep losing more and more Jobs.

In an address to Apple this morning, President Obama informed them that this is not what he meant by “shovel ready Jobs”.

The iPhone 4s release date has been set back, so that Apple could rush iCoffin io market. It has a glass top and bottom with aluminum sides. It only supports 5 pall bearers. If you touch it on the bottom left, the occupant doesn’t make it to heaven. Or you could buy a bumper for an additional $499.

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